Property Owners Association

Mission Statement

This property was design and founded as a community for personal enjoyment of improving one’s daily life and a way to tune into nature as well as creating a place of growth, wellness and happiness. It is a place to truly live and appreciate the simple gifts of life, the arts, and be in harmony with others here at our beautiful haven of  handmade tiny houses. We are seeking fourteen unique, like-minded souls to join our community who love nature and who are wanting to build a showcase tiny house community.

 POA Meetings and Lot Owner's Voting Rights

We have a yearly POA meeting in mid-May.

We have a POA board and all board meetings are open to members.

Most importantly, you have a say in your community. When you own a lot, you get 1 vote. If you own two lots two votes, etc.

P.O.A. Fees

There is a monthly fee that covers the amenities for our community. At present, the fee is $285.00 per month. The fee is subject to change depending on how lot owners vote at our annual meetings.

Your monthly fee covers:

  • The mowing of your lot, the common grounds, entry, trails, etc.
  • Garbage collection and clean-up at common locations.
  • Maintenance of the cluster septic system and of our systems.
  • Maintaining water from our common well along with the water filtration system.
  • Maintenance and flowers for the entry gate, lock and lighting.
  • Maintenance for the gravel roads (removing potholes, grading roads, etc.
  • Real-estate taxes for common grounds
  • Insurance for common grounds
  • Overall Maintenance
  • Tree removal, (selective)
  • Plowing, (selective)



Deed Restrictions:

  1. Overview of the present deed restrictions (click here to view or download the document)
  2. All Tiny Houses must be on wheels; however the wheels may be covered with a skirt while on property
  3. Specific sections of the property are designated for distinct materials on the outer side of the Tiny Houses. There is a stone section, a wooden section and a rustic section. Please look at the descriptions of the lots and each lot requirements before deciding to buy.

New lot owners will be required to have a background check and sign documents of understanding regarding the deed restrictions, monthly dues participation and use as outlined on the recorded plate.